Introducing DroneCore.Power



TL;DR Our power board DroneCore.Power features:

  • 4 ESCs (stack two boards to support octocopters)
  • FOC based (field oriented control)
  • 40A peak, 20A continuous
  • Telemetry (rpm, current, temperature, voltage)
  • Advanced motor identification to create a perfect pair with your motor
  • Motor predictive diagnostics to prevent failures
  • AMC – Airvolute Motor Control multiplatform software & manager for setup and testing
  • Battery monitor
  • Power switch with anti-spark
  • DroneCan communication
  • 5 LED strip drivers

One of the standout features of DroneCore.Power is its incorporation of four Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs). This allows for optimal control and stability, enabling the board to support diverse vehicles from quadcopters to octocopters.

DroneCore.Power implements Field Oriented Control (FOC), a cutting-edge control algorithm that maximizes motor efficiency and minimizes heat generation. This results in improved performance and longer flight times. With a peak current rating of 40A and a continuous current rating of 20A, DroneCore.Power ensures that drones can handle intense maneuvers and challenging environments without compromising power output.

DroneCore.Power takes telemetry to the next level by providing real-time information on crucial parameters, including RPM, current, temperature, and voltage. This data empowers pilots to monitor the drone’s performance and make informed decisions. Additionally, the board incorporates advanced motor identification technology, enabling users to create a perfect pairing with their specific motor model. This optimization leads to enhanced efficiency and control.

To prevent motor failures and ensure reliability, DroneCore.Power features motor predictive diagnostics. This innovative feature continuously monitors motor behavior and can identify potential issues before they escalate, allowing users to take proactive measures and prevent failures. This level of predictive analysis enhances safety and minimizes downtime caused by unexpected motor failures.

Airvolute provides the Airvolute Motor Control (AMC) Manager, a comprehensive software solution for configuring and testing DroneCore.Power. This multiplatform software streamlines the setup process and allows users to fine-tune their drone’s performance according to their specific requirements. With the AMC Manager, pilots can optimize their drone’s responsiveness, stability, and power management effortlessly.

The power board also includes a battery monitor to monitor the battery’s health and remaining capacity accurately. This information is crucial for flight planning and avoiding potential mid-air power losses. Additionally, DroneCore.Power incorporates a power switch with anti-spark functionality, minimizing the risk of electrical arcing during power-up and enhancing safety during operation.

DroneCore.Power leverages DroneCan communication protocol, enabling seamless integration with other compatible devices. This communication capability opens up a world of possibilities for expanding the drone’s functionalities and incorporating advanced features.

In addition to its powerful performance, DroneCore.Power features five LED strip drivers. These drivers allow manufacturers to add vibrant and customizable lighting effects to their drones, adding a touch of personalization and enhancing visibility during night or indoor flights.

Be it indoor or outdoor applications, DroneCore.Power is your ticket to unlocking the full potential of your drone and taking your aerial adventures to new heights.