Xavier NX or Orin NX


Cube Orange+, Blue or Red


4x FOC-based speed controller


FOC-based ESCs

Proprietary highly optimized Electronic Speed Controllers suitable for quadcopter or octocopter

Various hardware configuration options

Jetson Xavier NX or Orin NX with support for various CSI and USB cameras (IMX477, OV9281, Flir Hadron, Intel Realsense, Ximea, Allied Vision, etc.)

Redundant FMU

Dual flight controller architecture for different use cases

  • The Cube Pilot (Orange+ or Blue) as primary autopilot
  • STM32H7 onboard FMU as secondary autopilot

Powerful SDK and easy-to-use API interface

  • ROS2-based SDK ready to use for autonomous flights
  • Unified Python API for various software layers (hardware access, localization, navigation, AI, etc.)
  • Open Source architecture

Various vehicles support

Support for different types of drones like VTOL, copters, planes, rovers, etc.

Redundant power supply options

9 – 30V power supply