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Scalable drones & autopilots

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Scalable drones & autopilots

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Scalable drones & autopilots

  • Gimbal by NextVision incl. thermal cam
  • DoodleLabs Mesh Radio
  • 60 min flight time
  • Open architecture with Jetson Orin NX & CubePilot
  • Carrier board + Companion computer (Jetson Orin NX or Xavier NX)
  • Cube Orange+ or Blue
  • Rich connectivity
  • ESCs (v1)

One-stop solution for UAS developers combining carrier board, companion computer, rich connectivity, and ESCs (v1).

Faster development

Cost efficiency


DroneCore 1

  • NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX or Jetson Xavier NX & CubePilot
  • 4x Electronic Speed Controllers
  • Rich connectivity for different payloads

DroneCore 2

  • NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX & CubePilot
  • Exchangeable adapter board with connectors
  • Natively supported by Ardupilot

DroneCore PX

  • NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX & redundant FMUs
  • Support for Pixhawk FMU in versions v5X/v6X
  • Exchangeable adapter board with connectors

Custom solutions

We develop custom hardware and software solutions for autonomous UASs


We are hiring

Work on world-class technology in a friendly and motivated team. We are always looking for talented individuals. Let’s talk!

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