Next generation autopilot


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Modular design: single motherboard with various extension boards

Unique modular design allows manufacturers to combine a single motherboard with various extension boards with all required peripherals and connectors.

Various hardware configuration options

Jetson Orin NX™ with support for various CSI and USB cameras (IMX477, OV9281, Flir Hadron, Intel Realsense, Ximea, Allied Vision, etc.)

Redundant FMU

Dual flight controller architecture for different use cases

  • The Cube Pilot (Orange+ or Blue) as primary autopilot
  • STM32H7 onboard FMU as secondary autopilot

Powerful SDK and easy-to-use API interface

  • ROS2-based SDK ready to use for autonomous flights
  • Unified Python API for various software layers (hardware access, localization, navigation, AI, etc.)
  • Open Source architecture

Various vehicles support

Support for different types of drones like VTOL, copters, planes, rovers, etc.

Redundant power supply options

9 – 30V power supply