Referential platform for tactical use cases

Resilient autonomous vehicles optimized for law enforcement, rescue, and defense industry use cases. Analyze video stream, find and identify objects, schedule a swarm flight, extend radio signal, tag geographical coordinates, and much more.

Main features

AI-powered autonomy

Autonomous flight based on visual data inputs, no pilot required.

Cutting edge components

NVIDIA Jetson NX and Cube AutoPilot enable state-of-the art avionics for fully autonomous drones with AI capabilities.

Based on the newest DroneCore suite

Autopilot solution optimized for AI-powered drones integrating control and power stages with DroneCore.API flight software stack.

GPS-denied operation

Drone localization based on visual information from cameras instead of GPS. Optional GNSS receiver incl. RTK.

Obstacle avoidance & autonomous safe landing

Drone only lands in safe areas with no dangerous obstacles.

AirSafe element

Proprietary redundant safety element triggers safe landing in case of emergency (e.g., low battery).

SLAM functionality

SLAM algorithms allow the vehicle to map out unknown environments.

Full MAVLink support

Light-weight communication with the drone and its components ensures easy customization.

Industrial-grade motors

Robust and durable motors designed for deployment in extreme environments.

Modular payload mount

Wide range of use cases thanks to modular payload mount.

Robust carbon frame

Industrial grade made of carbon fibers and AL7075 alloy.


Size & weight

Flight time

Flight conditions
(with payload)

C2 link (optional)


Sensors & control


Specific features

Optimized for

Situational awareness, reconnaissance, object detection, law enforcement.

Radio-silence mode

Complex data processing on board the drone with minimum communication.

Swarm mode

Ready for swarms of collaborating drones (only if equipped with MESH ready C2 link).

Designed in Europe

Designed in Europe, manufactured in Europe or in the US, depending on client requirements.

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