Autonomous indoor & outdoor inspections

From infrastructure sites to power lines, the drone can autonomously conduct regular inspections of various points and detect faults.

Dramatic reduction in time and cost of conducting regular site inspections.

Notifications about detected risks and faults leading to fewer operational disruptions.

Long-term benefits thanks to an early warning mechanism.

Autonomous indoor & outdoor inspections

Features and advantages

Pilotless takeoff, flight, and landing.

Detection of various objects such as people, vehicles, cracks, leakage, fire, etc.

Inspections performed at scheduled times or on demand.
Alerts and notifications to predefined users via e-mail or API interface.
Optional manual control.

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Frequently asked questions

Operator specifies the part of the warehouse which is subject of the inventory in the drone user interface. He pllaces the drone to the starting position and starts the flight. Drone flies along the shelfs in a vertical direction and collects the pictures of labels. The collected pictures are then sent to a server (a computer located within the site) and processed there. The results are then provided in form of a CSV table. 

Airvolute prepares the installation for the specific warehouse taking into account its layout and various specifics such as light conditions, environmental details or labels used. Localization markers (simple magnetic foil) are then placed on the racks.
The system is then intensively tested within the whole warehouse area to ensure correct operation under all conditions.

Expected installation time is 1-3 months.

The drone flies scans approximately up to 20 m2 of vertical area per minute for optimized QR codes. 

Airvolute system needs localization markers to be placed throughout the warehouse. They are simple magnetic foil objects of approximately 24x12cm.
Although the system can read various types of labels, QR codes are highly recommended due to the scanning speed and high degree of successful reading high over 99%. 

Yes, drone system can be customized to detect empty spots, recognize types of pallets or perform the comparison. 

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