DroneCore 1.2

Rich connectivity for easy prototyping

The most versatile release of our DroneCore product with rich connectivity and AI-powered autonomous capabilities including proprietary safety elements for safe landing under all circumstances.

Main features

Broad support

Support for different types of drones like VTOL, copters, planes, rovers, etc.

Various hardware configuration options

NVIDIA® Jetson Orin NX™, Orin Nano™, or Xavier NX™ with support for various CSI and USB cameras (IMX477, OV9281, Flir Hadron, Intel Realsense, Ximea, Allied Vision, etc.)

Various flight controller configurations

The Cube+ Orange or The Cube Blue H7.

Highly customizable thanks to easy-to-use API interface

Redundant power supply options

12 – 30V, 5V power supply

Web-based user interface






Jetson connections

DroneCore Power module options

DroneCore Power distribution board module options


Frequently asked questions

Yes, we do. The main production version contains Jetson Xavier NX and Cube Orange, yet it is possible to supply versions with other modules.
No, you can order the DroneCore.Pilot board or you can order our optimized DroneCore.PDB with rating up to 240A (bust).
We provide a basic manual on how to add a new driver and adapt the device tree of the operating system. Additional assistance, driver or documentation may be also required from the device manufacturer. We are ready to discuss the customization for you as a service.
Yes, you can. Although we supply the DroneCore with some specific board images, we also provide appropriate device tree and pinmux to build your own operating system image for the hardware.
No, DroneCore is a complete pre-configured system including Jetson and Cube modules.

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